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I invite you to Relax, Unwind and Pursue the Possibilities…
At Lighten Up Nails your experience is my focus. It is crucial that I provide the best quality skin and nail treatments to my clientele. Today’s clients demand extraordinarily different services that renew and refresh mind, body and soul.
In this increasingly over connected world it has become more paramount than ever to learn to disconnect and relax while increasing your quality of life through better health. Enter my nurturing oasis that removes you from the demands of your world, and where the only expectations of you are your own. Where I attend to your needs with the finest products and services. Emerge free from your stresses with an enriched sense of focus, just having had the definitive rejuvenating experience.
I am a Licensed Nail Specialist that is passionate in helping others achieve beautiful, healthy nails. I seek out the newest, most innovative treatments and research them extensively to ensure quality, safety and effectiveness. I treat each and every client with regard for care and privacy. My goal is to make your skin and nails look the very best possible through a wide variety of personalized treatments. Enjoy individually personalized attention in a private setting designed to protect, revitalize and nourish your skin and nails.
Fast On-Line Booking!
The easy way to make appointments. This popular service gives you the flexibility to work around your schedule, avoids making on-the-spot decisions that you will have to cancel later on, and doesn't leave you waiting for a call back. Try it today!

Cuccio Naturalé was developed in Italy where their unique products were formulated from the finest fruit extracts and botanicals to give you beautiful, longer natural nails and younger looking hands. Cuccio Naturalé is the ultimate spa enhancement line. Cuccio European Spa Signature Services turn your ordinary manicure & pedicure into an extraordinary scentual spa experience.
Shellac UV Color Coat
Provides 14-Day Wear,
Zero Dry Time,
Mirror Finish,
Off in Minutes,
No Nicks, Chips or Smudges
On like a polish wears like a gel!
I am a member of the International Pedicure Association whose sole mission is to promote safer and quality pedicures. Following strict state guidelines and recommendations from high level industry associations will help give the consumer a safer pedicure and nail service. With a high level of education and support in the industry, safe, high quality, professional nail services can be achieved. With my 23 years of experience I have taken advantage of many extra training opportunities well beyond my mandated licensing requirements. The confidence I have with my skills and knowledge translates to a higher level of service which in turn separates me from the typical nail technician.
Your Health and Safety
Adhering to the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation for both nail and skin care is of the up most importance and my number one priority. The pipeless pedicure jacuzzi spa is meticulously cleansed and sanitized with hospital-grade disinfectant after each and every client. All implements are either disposed of immediately or cleansed and then sanitized as to not put future clients or myself at risk of a potential health threat. And the washing of hands is mandated between services. In order to protect the health and safety of guests, nail services are not able to be provided for clients with particular nail conditions/disease. It is recommend that you see your doctor and then schedule your pedicure and manicure once the condition has been cleared by your physician. Every effort is taken to ensure your safety.
Please don't hesitate to ask our any questions you may have. It is my great pleasure to serve you.
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